Projects by Jonathan Cross (up until 2002)
Cross-Browser dropdown menus.
This is just some nice code I found to build javascript menus. - 5/2002

Browser support for PNG images.
The PNG image format has some exciting features that make it drastically better than its lossless counterpart, the GIF format. Unfortunately, Netscape and IE have only limited implementations of the format. This page allows you to quickly test your browser's support for PNG. - 12/2001

Javascript banner loader.
A cross-browser script that dynamically loads one of three banner images based on the width of the window.
Also a simple debug page that displays the window width as it is resized. - 5/2001

Floating layers and frames.
Gives browser support (NS 4, 6 & IE5) information and example code for <DIV>, <SPAN>, <LAYER>, <iLAYER> and <iFRAME> tags. - 3/2001

Interactive Sticker Maker.
A simple set of pages that make use of javascript to interactivly combine images and text. The user can type in any message and have it compliment, ignore or contradict one of the 6 pre-defined icons. This is meant to encourage people to expiriment with absurd combinations. - 5/2000

Nested Tables.
Example code for advanced nested tables. - 1/2001

Javascript image sequence.
Demonstration of a modified rollover. Sequence advances each time the mouse rolls over. - 3/2000

Proposal for a new method of 3D computer modeling.
The Array if Simple Solids is a basic system of modeling 3D objects in the computer using the atom as a metaphorical building block. - 4/1999

It's your turn.
This is a dynamically linked essay concerning my relationship to the year 2000 and the opportunities for change it creates. By "dynamically linked" I mean that the links offer immediate feedback while reducing the break in continuity usually associated with hyperlinked documents. The interface is based on the Fluid Document model developed at Xerox Parc. - 4/1999

What Happend.
A text based project dealing with the physical and psychological effects of a car accident that happend durring a visit to France in July, 1999. - 6/2000

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