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Apply my skills and energy in the creation of a more open, beautiful, just and humane world for all.

What can I offer?

Expertise in online privacy & security tools such as: Tor, Tails, VPNs, Linux, PGP, tech liberation and economic independence via Bitcoin & Monero. As a UX engineer, I contribute to dozens of open source projects making them easier for people to use. I explore unconventional ideas via meditation, discussion, writing, photography, calligraphy and graphic arts.

What does this have to do with the Internet?

For the first time in history, we have the ability to see into the lives of others anywhere in the world and to share information and our beliefs without limits. For many, this is the first crack in an illusion that we are seperate, isolated beings and a step closer to the realization that we are all the equivalent of "cells" of a single living organism called Earth - both individual and part of a greater whole. Realizing our collective power and responsibility is the greatest opportunity and challenge humanity has ever faced.

How is Bitcoin related to this vision?

The Internet is an unfinished revolution: free access to information alone does not empower people to act. Companies like Facebook, Google and the other silicon valley giants have helped to make the Internet widely accessible, but, by placing themselves at the center of our interactions, they've come to limit the quality and range of online expression as well as making themselves tools of surveillance & government censorship.

The emerging Sharing Economy provides a glimpse into a future beyond Surveillance Capitalism. Decentralized wealth & work enables a shift in power and allows us to build efficient, secure networks primarily benefiting participants rather than the gatekeepers. Blockchains allow permissionless, non-violent collaboration and coordination of human effort in new ways we are only barely beginning to understand. I believe this will help pave the way for a future in which jobs lost to automation can be replaced with meaningful, creative work — the work required to address climate change, social & economic inequality. I am adding my spark to this fire: creating a decentralized Internet of empowered individuals so that we might all give our gifts to the world while benefiting from the value we create together.

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Recent talks by Jonathan Cross

Bitcoin & Monero

Bitcoin & Monero December 3, 2023

An introduction to collaborative Freedom Money for the Internet age.

Bitcoin : Beyond the Hype March 27, 2022

From environmental catastrophes to criminal activity and greed, the mainstream media is happy to explain Bitcoin to you in black and white terms. But for those who are willing to look beyond the surface, there is a beautiful tool, expressed in math, economics and game theory. A tool to fight discrimination which empowers people around the world to challenge the status quo and gain financial liberty. Join us as we explore various dimensions of this revolutionary system, and what it has to offer.