Photo of Jonathan CrossThis page offers an overview of my explorations in: photography, travel, Bitcoin cryptocurrency, information security and privacy, graffiti, design, web development, 3D graphics and political / parody art.
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Pics ~ travel / photo archive

An archive of photos and stories from 50+ countries throughout the world. The website utilizes my hand-crafted, Open Source image viewing software (named JCDSee) for thumbnail images and navigation. ~ 2000 : Photographic exploration of street art

A site I built at the turn of the millennium as part of my undergraduate thesis and expression of my love of graffiti / urban art. Contains photo collages from pictures taken mainly in NYC and San Francisco.

Archived site ~ 1999-2004 as it was untill 2005. Includes stickers, 3D graphics, an old resume, etc. Notice the blue arrows pointing up? Had to add those because, at the time, many people refused to click on the buttons, instead looking for blue, underlined text links! Also used revolutionary "dual rollover" images (mouse over 1 image changed 2 images!)
Designed for users with 28.8 Baud modems.

Archived site ~ 1997-1998

Personal website as it was in 1998. Includes materials for Richard Simmons' presidential campaign, 3D graphics, Graffiti and an cool picture of me with a gas mask on.
NOTE: In Jan 1997 featured "tabbed navigation" for "non-linear" access to entire web site.

Archived site ~ 1996-1997

My first web site! Actually a collaboration between Windsor Schmidt (my tech guru) and I. Built for our hypothetical company - Polaris Design. Site used the latest "frames" technology and required Netscape 2.0 (or later :).